#1 Gary Shteyngart, does the American soul fit in a Greyhound bus?

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Chelsea Spieker speaks with Gary Shteyngart, a journalist and author. His current novel "Welcome to Lake Success" was one of the best 100 books of 2018 according to “The New York Times.”

"2020 is going to be a frightening year,” says Shteyngart - "frightening" because of Donald Trump. Shteyngart doesn’t hold out much hope; he thinks Trump could indeed be re-elected.

The Muller Report hasn’t changed public opinion much. The phone call with the Ukrainian president hasn’t really shocked the Trump base either. The impeachment inquiry is electrifying the political elite, but do the president's supporters really care?

From Manhattan into Trump country

In his novel, Gary Shteyngart gets to the bottom of the Trump phenomenon. He puts his main character on a Greyhound bus and sends him out of Manhattan and into an America that has little to do with life on the at times hectic East Coast or the traditionally free-thinking West Coast. On the bus trip it becomes clear that Donald Trump has followers - and a good chance at becoming president.

Shteyngart himself went on the bus trip - in the summer before Trump was voted into the White House.