#16 Doug Wead, how was your time in the Trump White House?

This week we’re talking to a presidential historian – from the Republican side – about the U.S. president.

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Doug Wead is a conservative commentator, writer, historian and politician. He has published more than 30 non-fiction books including several biographies of presidents and presidential families, among them Ronald Reagan and the Bush family.

His latest work is called “Inside Trump's White House: The Authorized Inside Story of His First White House Years“ – in German: “Donald Trump: Die wahre Geschichte seiner Präsidentschaft.” The book covers everything from election night to the impeachment inquiry. Wead talked to Trump, his family and staff multiple times over the span of two years.

Doug Wead was born in the mid-1940s in Muncie, a small city in Indiana. He was a special assistant to Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush as well as a senior adviser to the Ron Paul presidential campaign in 2012 and the Rand Paul campaign in 2016.