#29 Sarah E. Hill, is the pill changing how women think and feel?

Professor of social psychology Dr. Sarah E. Hill talks about how the pill influences women’s brains.

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The FDA approved the pill almost exactly 60 years ago, on May 9, 1960. It changed women’s lives dramatically. It was the first birth control method that was undetectable by a partner - and it also wasn’t an invasive procedure.

Now, after decades, we’re discovering that the side effects of this form of birth control may be farther-reaching than we thought. One of leading scientists in this field is Dr. Sarah E. Hill. She’s a Professor of Social Psychology at TCU in Fort Worth. There she heads an interdisciplinary research team which also investigates the effects of hormonal contraception. Some of the most compelling findings are in her newest book How the Pill Changes Everything, or in German, Wie uns die Pille verändert. What she has to say is eye-opening not only for women - but for men as well.